...The Masters Table

Join National Whisky Consultant, Scotch Master Stuart Brown in his private Whisky room for a tasting like no other. The ultimate private tasting will educate and delight your senses with Whiskies aged for decades.

Each Event Includes:

  • Cocktail Reception
    • Ultra Premium tasting of 4 whiskies aged 18 to 21 years (3/4oz servings)
    • Education of the folklore, history and production of Whisky
    • Charcuterie board of aged cheeses, meats and chocolates
  • Finished off with a choice of a vintage Scotch aged from 25 to 50 yrs of age (1/2 oz serving)

Gift Bag

  • TSE Glencairn Crystal nosing glass
  • TSE wooden coaster
  • TSE Nicaraguan cigar


  • $400+HST, per person. Max 4 per event.
  • Duration: 2hr, 7-9pm
  • Payment: Visa/MC
Stu's Scotch Room